Little Sweetoms Tomato Delights


Little Sweetoms Tomato Delights

The perfect SWEET & HEALTHY snack to delight the little sweeties in your life!

What are Little Sweetoms?

Little Sweetoms are some of the sweetest, most delicious snacking tomatoes you can find. Grown in glass greenhouses throughout North America, they offer a taste, crunch and sweetness that is never compromised. Unlike field grape tomatoes that can taste bitter and lack flavor, Little Sweetoms Tomato Delights are vine-ripened and always picked at their best. Packaged in a handy 8.8oz snack cup, you can keep Little Sweetoms on the counter or in the cup holder in your car.

Why Little Sweetoms?

The team at Little Sweetoms talked to hundreds of moms and dads to find out what they want for their little sweeties. They wanted a healthy, convenient snack option for their kids, but their little ones have to love the taste... it has to be sweet and by all accounts Little Sweetoms Tomato Delights deliver! Not only did the little ones who sampled the product love it, but mom and dad couldn't put the packs down either.